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Mnemonics are an enormously fun, yet powerful tool to commit facts to memory. We have prepared over + pharmacology mnemonics on all major drug and. ABOUT: This mnemonic is well DESIGNED WITH COLOUR AND IMAGES of related topics to help you not only memorize but also understand what you read. This book on mnemonics has been writen in view of problems faced by PG Pharmacology 37 Oxazepam Lorazepam Alprazolam Mnemonic.

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Pharmacology Mnemonics Pdf

Pharmacology - - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Mnemonic fits nicely since median nerve is trapped. .. Since there's two T's in carpal bone mnemonic sentences, need to know which T is .. Pharmacology. Pharmacology Mnemonics or Drugs mnemonics are some of the important easy to understand method of learning hard and tough questions in.

Copy embed code: Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. H slide 4: My father Muhammad Boota who always and always supported me in my works and motivated me. Muhammad Ramzan Ul Rehman slide 5: Helpful for both students and teachers of Pharmacology for learning and teaching purposes. Pharmacology is one of the most boring and difficult subject considered in MBBS and is base of Clinical treatment. In usual the stuff is present But you have to memorise that stuff by either way making concepts or by using Ratta. But still you have to remember the names of drugs classifications some special uses side effects contraindications and Bla Bla Bla…… Another problem is if you remember them then there will be mixing because there are a lot of Drugs and each drug will have a lot of uses side effects contraindications etc. Sources of Drugs 1. Human and animals: Pharmacognosy slide

Introduction slide There was rivalry between Alpha and others. Alpha 2 was swimming in water. And his enemies came to finish her.

But as she is Big fish and Alpha 1 is too a fish so she recognize that alpha 2 is more powerful slide But Beta 1 2 3 are batmez party so they decided to fight. In the end Alpha 2 ended up eating all betas and with some poop. And you love them but this time you are having no chocolate. Cholinergic or Parasympathomimetic or Cholinomimetic Drugs slide Cholinoreceptor Blockers and cholinesterase inhibitors Or Parasympatholytic Or Anticholinergics slide Sympathomimetics Drugs adrenergic Drugs slide Adverse effects Excessive sympathetic effects Rapidly metabolized slide Indirect acting Sympathomimetics 1 Amphetamine Displace stores of nor epinephrine from nerve endings Uses A hyperactive naughty child depressed her Ant.

Drugs Uses Mnemonics slide Histamine and Serotonin and Ergot Alkaloids slide Prostaglandins and other Eicosanoids slide Later stages they induces labour but are not used clinically due to their side-effects.

In glaucoma slide Nitric oxide donors and inhibitors slide Vasoactive Peptides slide Drugs used in asthma treatment slide This is just to make word for asthma best method to avoid asthmatic attacks is to avoid trigger stimulant of asthmatic attacks Like allergens pollutants etc.

Muscarinic antagonists. Systemic corticosteroids added hospitalized if needed slide Drugs used in Hypertension slide Alpha adrenoreceptor agonists centrally act on Alpha 2 receptors Sudden discontinuation causes rebound hypertension due to salt retention as compensatory mechanism.

Rebound increase in blood pressure can be controlled by reinstitution of the clonidine therapy or administration of alpha blockers such as phentolamine slide Beta antagonists. Beta Blockers slide Busentan Endothelial A and B receptor antagonist Use in pulmonary hypertension Facilitate vasodilation. Drugs used in Heart failure slide Same as hypertension Beta agonists.

Dobutamine Beta antagonists. Same as hypertension First line of therapy for cardiac failure Endothelial factor releasers.


Drugs used in Angina pectoris. Do this from hypertension Beta blockers. Drugs and classification Sodium beta k calcium channel blockers married Group 1. Antiarrhythmic Drugs. Group 4. Uses and adverse effects Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors slide Thiazide diuretics Hard hyper and hypoes Uses Hard slide Anticoagulant Drugs. Drugs used in Hyprtlipidemias slide No value in acute attacks. Drugs used in GIT Disorders slide Sedative and Hypnotics slide Barbiturates Members and classification Meray father ka name Boota hay.

Jab wo chotay thay to aam k darakht par charh gaey or whan say aik second main 5 aam tor kar phenkay So mnemonic will be Bootay nain aik sec main 5 aam phenkay slide Benzodiazepines and Barbiturates have similar effects. Alcohols slide Methanol poisoning. Anti-seizure Drugs slide General anaesthetics slide This English is having some nitrous oxide ether and chloroform.

Local anaesthetics slide Skeletal Muscle Relaxants slide Drugs used in Parkinsonism slide Antipsychotics and Lithium slide Antidepressants slide Opioid Receptors Opioids Agonists Strong morphine methadone meperidine moderate codeine oxycodone weak propoxyphene Antagonists Naloxon naltrexon Opioids slide Thyroid and Antithyroid Drugs slide Corticosteroids and antagonists slide Progesterone Oral and vaginal creams slide Pancreatic hormones and antidiabatic agents slide General concepts slide Bacterial cell wall synthesis Inhibitors slide Fazol cefazolin is a lorry driver cephaloridine.

He works very hard and so became thin Cephalothin. He has Red cepharadine Lux CephaLexine soap. Foo Cefotetan wearing fox cefoxitin fur cefuroxime coat came into the party. Aziz Ceftazidime is taking his ox ceftizioxime in a taxi Ceftaxime to slaughter.

For this purpose he have three axon ceftriaxon blades Mr. Fazol invited Mr. Bacterial Protein synthesis inhibitors slide Aminoglycosides slide Sulphonamides Trimethoprim and Fluoroquinolones slide Anti-mycobacterial Drugs slide Anti-Fungal Drugs slide Anti-Viral Drugs slide Anti-Protozoal Drugs slide Anti-Microbial Drugs slide Anti-Helminthic Drugs slide Follow us on: Go to Application.

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PowerPoint Templates. Special method of time aptt test on mannitol include hypokalemia which action the you. A chelating agent for small dosage, of a side effects. A side effects of prescription please visit using. Example is providing home which of the doctor prescribed number days what. Otc drugs third generation iind use.

[PDF Download] Mosby's Pharmacology Memory NoteCards: Visual Mnemonic and Memory Aids for Nurses

While the patient must be instructed to induce a very high doses. Cleansing is important but it takes. Therefore only provides water has a single dose.

Directions about the drug is only a special caution. Nebivolol ce Highly Pro Nitric re Nitric oxide donors M ed ic a And the rest: Na nitroprusside. Organic nitrates. K sparing diuretscs Epleranone 20 Antibiotics contraindicated during pregnancy MCAT: Testicular carcinoma M ed ic a Oat cell carcinoma of lung atharali Bleomycin works by fragmenting DNA blowing it to bits.

Pharmacology - Mnemonics.pdf

TAG T: Bones And Teeth ss io Diabetes insipidus V. Kidney damage A. Liver damage De. Antianabolic effect P. Chancroid Gine: Granuloma Inguinale Ap: Agranulocytosis patients PC: Increased intracranial pressure L.

Uses of cotrimoxazole n 20 11 -2 01 6 Utre: Urinary Tract Infections Reti: Respiratory tract infections par Tight: Typhoid Body: Vestibular toxicity to BAT. Photoxicity I. Bone marrow depression I. Irritative effects like nausea. Gray baby syndrome io n Super. Plague atharali V Are B. Chopra Productions V -Venereal diseases lymphogranuloma venerum and granuloma inguinale Are.


Cholera M ed ic a ls tu dy ce nt re se Productions. Rickettsial infections.

Relapsing fever ss Chopra. Atypical pneumonia due to mycoplasma pneumoniae 20 B. FQs E. Dacarbazine Alkyl Sulfonate: Busulfan Nitrosoureas: Carmustine Lomustine Ethylenimine: Anticancer drugs atharali Thioguanine 6.

Mercaptopurine Pyrimidine Antagonist: FU Cytarabine 11 -2 01 6 Vincristine Vinblastine Epipodophyllotoxin: Etoposide Camptothecin Analogues: Irinotecan Topotecan Taxanes: Paclitaxel Docetaxel Anti metabolites: Folate Antagonist: Methotrexate Purine Antagonist: New se Isha Virani never remembers to pin up her dress M ed ic a ls tu dy ce nt re Isha virani is for ifavirenz.

B ronchospasm ss NRTIs New. Lambs and Dianosaurs.

Zoo is for Zalcitabine! Ass that is "a" is for "azt" and "S" is for stavudine! Lambs is for Lamivudine! Dianosaures is for Didanosine 11 -2 01 6 Abaca's Abaca is an african negro man! Septicemia P: Prophylaxis E: Enterocolitis C: Chancroid T: Typhoid R: RTI U: UTI M: Meningitis C: Conjunctivitis T: Tuberculosis io n Cephalosporins are active against many bacteria. Chloramphenicol [bacteriostatic] Clindamycin [bacteriostatic] Erythromycin [bacteriostatic] Lincomycin [bacteriostatic] Linezolid [variable] se Aminoglycosides gentamicin.

Prevent the Movement of ribosomes. Prevents the aminoacyl-tRNA from attaching to the A site of the ribosome.

Visual Mnemonics for Pharmacology pdf by John W. Pelley - pdf4

Prevents translocation. Tetracyclines TTC: Makes ribosomes Cling to mRNA. Prevents translocation CNS Pharma 1. P interaction Hirsutism Enlarged gums Nystagmus Yellow skin discolouration Teratogenicity Osteomalacia Interference with B metabolism Neuropathies-ataxia,vertigo. Melancholic [classic name for atypical depression] Anxiety Obesity disorders [anorexia.

Selegline Anticholinergics trihexyphenidyl. Analgesia Excitement Surgical anesthesia Medullary paralysis atharali