Codex Harlequins 8th - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Them nasty clowns. let the galaxy burn v pdf. МБ .. Warhammer 40, - Codex - Chaos Space Millennia have passed since the ancient Eldar fell into shadow, yet still the memory of their glory burns bright. Like the stars in the sky they.

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    Codex: Harlequins, Gw, Games Workshop. Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,, the "Aquila' Double- headed Eagle logo, and all associated . >Harlequins Codex PDF!cDp01YZa! PGz0Gpz6Y9Ywwsfd2pyUhl3lkRzN6srsXkbau7GdeBQ. Previous Thread: >> time we'll be producing a Harlequin Codex (though not for quite a while yet!) so this is a real opportunity to influence what goes in a published GW Codex.

    Yeah, that's dumb too, but I'm more concerned about the ability to take "basically all the things" under one united faction. Which I guess you probably could already, but this makes it easier with shared keywords and whatnot. Ynnari playstyle is reckless. Most of the time it puts you in a position to take chances and generally get tabled by a savy opponent. With the emphasis on hordes and fast assault you will see Ynnari armies raped left and right. Regular eldar have a stronger, faster playstyle. You get all most the same units other eldar do, not prevents you from playing conservatively if you wish to. Meaning if you are close enough to get the benefit your eldar army is generally already screwed. Plus the army is slower, as it no longer benefits from battle focus. Eldar aren't bad in close- the Wraithlord, Wraithknight, Harlequins, Wraithguard, Banshees, Scorpions, etc, all attest to this. It's not always ideal to be next to the unit when it dies, but it's not crippling, either. Ynnari didn't have Battle Focus before, either- that was always part of the deal, to lose it in exchange for SfD. Eldar won't- can't possibly- be as dominant as they were before, but I'm not yet convinced that they aren't still a top-tier army.

    The price tag though…. Exarchs lost all their better WS and BS, that makes me sad. But I guess that needed to go, to make Phoenix Lords look high and mighty.

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    I completely missed W2 on Jetbikes. Everything else though, yup. Starcannons are expensive but do a lot of damage, so does the Suncannon. I'm torn on Shuriken vs Scatter still — will probably end up going for Scatter simply due to extra range but I am really enjoying the fact that nearly all the Aspects feel playable.

    Everyone gets leaders in the squad for free now and most of the Exarchs come with their powers from prvious books automatically so…. I am guessing FLY will negate the heavy movement penalty as it would clearly give Eldar tanks and all Flyers an advantage. But what are the special rules given to FLY?

    Clearly the datasheets do not explain what FLY does on its own. The Fly keyword does not negate movement penalties for heavy weapons- it allows you to leave close combat and still be able to shoot but not assault that turn. The upgrade effects are listed in the weapons and wargear section, in the small sub-table at the end. You have to hunt for them, but they're up there. Battle Focus allows you to move and to advance during the movement phase, and then shoot normally in the shooting phase- though it doesn't with Heavy weapons.

    Normally, you would take a -1 to hit with Assault weapons when you advance and you wouldn't get to shoot other weapons at all. Ah okay so works the same as before just instead you have to move before shooting, will make Eldar able to get up in the enemies face very quickly. More or less, yeah. It's still a very good ability and makes infantry on foot quite fast. The fact that it also benefits bikes now who I think have it?

    Does this mean i can't move and advance and then shoot a heavy weapon platform? Or does this mean that i can still advance, except will suffer the -1 to hit with a heavy weapon platform?

    Also the Harlequin spell to make a unit move again, can they also advance again with that? Or just move? They way i read it is, Guardian squad cant advance and shoot the heavy weapon platform, but they can move as normal and shoot it at So kinda a nerf to guardians with the heavy weapon platform, but only pts for a unit of 10 with a Blance. But the whole move like tau battlesuits move, shoot and move back was abit too much to be honest.

    Also for the harlequins, once again the way i read it is that they can move as if it was the movement phase, including advancing, as when you choose a unit to move, you declare the advance. I don't see any reason they shouldn't be able to advance as part of the movement; it would prevent them from charging that turn, but otherwise be entirely legal. In the Psychic Phase, if successful, the Harlequin unit gets to move and advance like it is the Movement Phase.

    In the Charge Phase, the Harlequins can now declare a charge thanks to their "Rising Cresendo" special rule allowing them to charge after advancing. Oh yes, certainly- turn 1 charges are very much a thing now. Hmmm I would of taken it as if the heavy weapon could still fire as the unit is counted as not moving except for the heavy weapon so it can still fire but at -1, hopefully and FAQ or the codex sorts this. That means all weapons except heavy weapons are allowed to ignore the unit's actions during the movement phase.

    Since a "normal" unit cannot advance and fire heavy weapons, Eldar cannot either. Yeah, I think it got missed in this one and some of the other photoscans as well. Summary version:. Ignore the -1BS penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons if you fire at the nearest target. Yeah I really can't be angry at any of the tank upgrades, cheap as they are. Star Engines doesn't grab me, but I didn't particularly like Enhanced Aethersails on DE vehicles, either, though some people swore by them.

    Vyper also doesn't have the transport keyword.. A Vyper is no transport vehicle, it was never one…. A guardian will be 8pts but a reaper will cost 36 due to the base 5 cost and the 31 point cost of the reaper launcher, and you can use blade wind if you take three voters as a unit otherwise they use the base movement. So Vypers cannot get Vectored Engines…. That makes me sad, especially when the Harlequin and DE Vyper sized vehicles get it. If Vypers cannot download vehicle upgrades, I wish they would get Vectored Engines automatically as part of their base profile.

    Has anyone else noticed that Dire Avengers are 17 points per model? Yeah, I won't field them atm. Hope their points are adjusted when the real codex comes out since they are cool looking dudes. Notify of. SO the Ynnari seem just better, right? SInce you can put most other eldar in that army anyway? Vote Up 0 Vote Down. June 1, 1: Battle focus is good, but Strength From Death is stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid.

    Goddamnit, GW, this is the first thing I've seen that I don't like. June 1, 7: June 1, 9: June 1, 2: June 6, 3: June 6, 4: June 3, 1: Matt R.

    Does this mean they are now 32 pts for a shuriken cannon compared to 27 pts before? June 3, 8: Yup, but they are now Fast Attack with 2 wounds. Scatterbikes are 35 points. June 3, June 4, 4: Kill em all and let Ynnead sort em out! Bonus points for your morale, if you laughed maniacally while doing so. When this TO is drawn, each player secretly nominates an objective marker. At the end of the turn, each player declares whether you control the objective he nomineted or not.

    This can't be fulfilled on the 7th and subsequent turns, but if you play 7th turn using Harlequins you definetely doing something very wrong or have a plan, which will humor The Laughing God himself.

    It has a tiny 6" range, but S8 AP-4 and D6 damage rolling two dice for damage and picking the highest at 3" range makes it a powerful tool for melting vehicles. Remember that your units are fast and can leapfrog enemy units, which allows you to occasionally catch out a poorly placed Character.

    Being able to fire it in assault makes it a more worthwhile pickup for Troupe Masters. Hallucinogen Grenade Launcher Not a grenade, but an 18" range Assault 1 weapon exclusive to the Shadowseer. On hit, you roll a 2D6, and if it's equal to or higher than the target's leadership they take D3 Mortal Wounds. Not a bad little toy, and could be seen as a slightly weaker extra Smite. Again, remember your speed and leapfrogging abilities- this can be used to snipe at badly bubble-wrapped Characters.

    Now a dedicated anti-armor weapon, and can dish out some serious hurt even on T9 heavies. Save a command re-roll for turns when you need to maximize your damage output. Its a good weapon, sadly its still unpredictable. Against T7 or less, expect wounds inflicted, T8 or more maybe one of two.

    Best when used in volume and concentrated blasts, so unleash multiple cannons all at once. If you roll hot and snag multiple sixes you can outdo a lascannon, but this is not an army that compensates for randomness well Still, if you play aggressively as you should, your opponent will likely be dealing with other threats.

    IF you manage to preserve your cannon wielding units they should steadily pour on wounds eventually crippling enemy armor. A fusion pistol is simply more reliable, a haywire cannon offers range and a higher upside if you pray ever-so-dearly to the dice gods. Note: The new FAQ confirms that Mortal Wounds are treated as individual "hits" so you can't roll off against Mortal Wounds inflicted by these, giving them a very powerful niche against things like Quantum Shielding and Serpent Shields.

    These are now very reliable at stripping wounds from vehicles that have invulnerable saves. Codex: Now Assault d6 instead of Heavy d3, an insane boost, and should make bikes with these and zephyrglaives the go-to anti-Vehicle pick. Neuro Disruptor Went from hilariously strong in 7th to worthless in 8th. Suffers from the same Heavy-ness as the Haywire Cannon, Not anymore! It isn't terrible at what it does, which is threaten a wide range of units; if you're taking a Voidweaver you should probably opt for this seeing as if you want fast Haywire jet bikes make for a better platform.

    Prismatic Grenade Your actual grenade. Nothing much to say, just remember to throw it when your Troupes shoot for a bit of extra damage. Shrieker Cannon The Death Jester's special toy. Can be fired as a 24" Assault 3 S6 gun with the AP-3 on a 6 to wound or with a special Shrieker profile.

    The Shrieker profile only gets 1 shot with the same profile, but if it kills an Infantry model you cause an additional D3 Mortal Wounds; and if it kills any model, the target unit gets a -2 Ld penalty until the end of the turn. This is fairly useful against single-wound model units, but almost completely useless against characters or multi-wound models, so make sure to use the Shuriken profile against them.

    Shuriken Cannon Just like the gun your Craftworld buddies get. Your Vehicles and Jetbikes get one or more of these standard. Shuriken Pistol Identical to the Craftworld Eldar version, most of your units get this base. Pistol 12" S4 AP0 is eh, but AP-3 on a 6 to wound makes it moderately useful, and it adds a little extra killing power up close. Remember that it can be fired in melee now. You generally want Fusion pistols if you can afford them, however you always want one Troupe per unit carrying a Shuriken Pistol so you can still spam Grenades.

    Star Bolas One of two equipment options for Skyweavers. A D3 Grenade with S6 Ap-3, which is reasonably strong, but just like in 7th it's rarely worth choosing them over the Zephyrglaive.

    You already have better ways to do that kind of damage. If you have a large jet bike unit taking 1 of these isn't a bad idea, since its a grenade and only one person can fire it.

    S6 AP-2 D2 isn't something to laugh at and can seriously harm whatever unit you will charge afterwards. Still does work against T3 if you're in a Troupe master's Aura. That said only take it if you don't have the points for any of the below: Harlequin's Embrace The cheapest non-basic melee option, costing 6 points.

    A potent and useful weapon, this should be your default choice for Troupes. While there are certain unit types against which it is the better choice this is explored more below , in practice it is never so much better than its cost is justified over the Embrace.

    As the codex equalized the price of Caress and Kiss, now you've got much more incentive to use the Kiss. Just think about what units you're going to encounter, and pick your wargear accordingly. While -1AP is poor, the Shadowseer's 3 attacks let it do a surprising amount of damage up close for a Psyker, and D3 damage gives it a chance to splat other HQs. Completely useless to Harlequins, who have the flat-out superior Embrace for two points more. Skip unless you're planning on taking the Power Sword relic.

    Combined with the extremely high speed of Skyweavers, it's a useful weapon for backfield assaults against 2W models, letting them quickly wipe out skulking units of Hellblasters and the like. The high AP makes it better against high armour saves, but not invulnerable saves. The Caress works better against T5, T8, and T9. It, therefore, tends to occupy a dual roll, being very good against elite armies such as Custodes, and spam armies such as Orks and Guard; however, the high AP of the Embrace might be preferable against some armies with a higher armour save.

    The Kiss hits at the same strength as the Embrace, but at 2 worse AP and more damage double against anything with 3 or more wounds , all for a point more, meaning it works well against multi-wound models with invulnerable saves, which pretty much relegates it to fighting characters.

    However, a below-average damage roll makes it worse than the Caress or the Embrace, against anything. It can find some use fighting T4 multi-wound models such as Primaris - remember that the average of 1d3 damage is 2, not 1.

    Index of /public/Books/

    Put Kisses on models who will be character killing and leave it at that, though it now is actually a situational alternative to the Embrace and Caress. Know what you're likely to be facing and build your Harlequins accordingly. Of course, this advice is worth sod all in a blind match-up, so take whichever weapon counters what you are most afraid of, and if you fight an army who the weapon is not designed for it is not a huge loss, as both weapons perform very closely to each other.

    You can freely mix and match within a single unit - no target exists for which this is better than a loadout designed for that target, so this is inferior to specializing your units and sending them against the targets they're good against, but on the other hand, a mixed unit of Embraces and Caresses will do reasonably well against whatever your opponent throws at you.

    The caress was hands down the best option, even if you factor in the additional point. Point for point, the blade was best against wyches, and the embrace was best against kabalites, but other than that the caress is most effective AND most cost effective. The kiss was never the best weapon in any scenario, even against multi-wound terminators. The embrace came second overall.

    I have no idea where they got their information. For a start the average of 1d3 against two wound models is 1. Therefore your damage possibilities are 1, 2, or 2, resulting in an average of 1. Secondly most of the information in the long section about which weapon is most potent against certain targets is also wrong.

    Here are the average values per individual player: Versus Guardsmen: both caresses and embraces do 1. The kiss is third with 1. Versus Bloodletters: caresses, embraces, and kisses all draw with 1. Versus Marines: caresses do the most with 1. Embraces are second with 1. Versus Plaguebearers: caresses and kisses both do 0.

    Embraces are third with 0.

    Codex Harlequins 8th

    Versus Terminators: caresses and embraces both do 0. Kisses are third with 0. Versus Bikers: caresses win out with 0. Versus Shield Captains: embraces and kisses draw with 0.

    Caresses trail with 0. Versus Rhinos: the kiss leads with 0. Versus Knights: the caress leads with 0. Caresses seem the most consistent. It's not always the best, but it is in most situations. When you factor in Choreographer of War the table changes significantly because the caress benefits less from rerolling wounds due to its higher strength value. This pushes the embrace and kiss up a little bit in comparison. Here are the average values per individual player if they're rerolling failed wounds: Versus Guardsmen: both caresses and embraces do 2.

    Versus Marines: embraces lead with 1. Versus Plaguebearers: kisses lead with 1. Versus Terminators: the embrace leads with 1. The caress is second with 1. Versus Rhinos: the kiss leads with 1. As you can see in some cases the kisses and embraces overtake the caress here. However the caress remains the second best option in almost all cases.

    It's much harder to make a decision about 'best' here because all of the weapons are good against different things. It's a small bonus to your Characters getting into melee, murdering a few scaredy-cat multi-model units to make an extra model flee, whilst not getting as hurt by certain Psychic spells, or helping to proc the Hallucinogen Launcher. Best when combined with Silent Shroud's form, a Shadowseer wielding Shards of Light, and a Death Jester or several shooting in single-shot mode, for, ideally, -5 leadership.

    Suit of Hidden Knives: Any time an enemy unit rolls a 1 to hit the bearer with a melee attack, roll a D6. Trolltastic with a Shadowseer's ability to self-Veil of Tears and cast Fog of Dreams on the enemy for -2 to hit, making rolls of 1, 2 and 3 count as a 1.

    Coupled with 2CP for Lightning Reflexes and you have an inverse death-bomb of a Psyker that turns more than half of his opponent's attacks into Mortal Wounds. Remember that you can't opt out of Fighting if you're within 1", and you can't forfeit your attacks even if they can't hit, so prepare for a salty opponent if you ever manage to pull this off on a big unit! Crescendo: Replaces a Shuriken Pistol. Cegorach's Rose: Replaces a Harlequin's Kiss, and is identical, bar its two abilities.

    It comes with a standard re-roll failed wound rolls, which is nice, but won't stack with a Troupe Master, and is not nearly as nice as the next bit: Against INFANTRY units, it deals a flat 3 damage, as opposed to 1d3.

    This is enough to make the bearer a Solitaire, because who else an absolute nightmare for your opponent's multi-wound models. Most importantly, this brings consistency to the Solitaire, and turns him into the scariest character assassin on the battlefield. The Veiled Path - Mirrorstave: Replaces a miststave. Instead of having a Strength score, its wound rolls are equal to the target's unmodified WS if used in melee or the target's unmodified BS if used in shooting.

    Obviously, this makes it excellent against characters and elite units but awful against cheap hordes. Additionally, you can add 1 to the Bearer's Deny Test roll. A heavily buffed Shrieker Cannon that can be coupled with a Stratagem or 2 to dish out some disgusting shooting. On top of that, both profiles reap the benefits of being Bio-Explosive; for each model slain with this weapon, the target unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.

    In the Codex it states that the Bio Explosive Power only effects the Shrieker Profile, however both profiles do benefit from -2 LD from causing a casualty. The Soaring Spite - Faolchu's Talon: If the bearer is embarked on a transport, the transport gains an extra 6" of movement. Additionally, if the transport is destroyed with the bearer embarked on it, no disembarking models will be slain and the transport will not explode.

    Increases the range of their Aura abilities by 3". Other Wargear[ edit ] Flip Belt: In the movement phase, you can move across units and terrain as if it wasn't there.

    As of the April FAQ, you can ignore models that aren't buildings in the charge phase now! This is an extremely powerful buff to your Harlequins and should be leveraged as much as possible by keeping multiple units within the aura remember that only one model needs to be within 6" for the whole unit to benefit. Ideally, a Troupe Master should be nearby whenever you get your clowns into a charge.

    He can potentially spar with enemy HQs using a Kiss, as his re-rolls help to overcome the comparatively low Strength and AP, but he's best off with a big Troupe hacking through the regular enemy army.

    Like the Troupe members, his best loadout is a Fusion Pistol and Embrace. However, as a single-model buffing unit, his grenade deserves special mention, not least because it's the same range as a Fusion Pistol.

    Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar Harlequins(8E)

    The grenade can't be thrown in melee, which is significant, but for drive-by shootings, it's substantially better than the shuriken pistol and comes for free anyway. Since his primary purpose is his buff, not dealing damage himself, there's a lot to be said for leaving him with his Shuriken Pistol, having him rely on his grenade when he needs to, and spending the points elsewhere.

    Don't do the same thing with his melee loadout unless you're certain, as the gap between a basic weapon and an Embrace is drastic. Shadowseer: Moved from the Elites to HQs, with a price bump to match. The Shadowseer is very expensive, clocking in at Points.

    It justifies this cost with the ability to cast two spells in the Psychic phase, a decent melee presence with 3 S5 AP-1 D1d3 attacks, and especially the Shield From Harm ability. This is a potent defensive bonus and one of the few defenses you have available, and much like the Troupe Master's bonus should also be extended to as many units as possible at once.

    Shadowseers are too expensive to spam, but at least one is practically mandatory for any list. As discussed elsewhere, Neuro Disruptors are average at best on your Shadowseer. Just stick with the basic Shuriken Pistol and make do.

    Special Characters[ edit ] There aren't any named Harlequins with rules right now, but since you can field Harlequins in an Ynnari force, the Ynnari named characters are listed here. Ynnari[ edit ] The Visarch: Now actually a better combatant than Yvraine. Costs more than Yvraine, but does absolutely nothing for your army other than bodyguard Yvraine - as a melee beatstick he's far too expensive to be worth it.

    The following is very true if you're being sensible and only taking the one Ynnari detachment, but if you do go for a full three Ynnari detachments you crazy sod you then you have to take him, and there aren't many ways he can be useful since he's not a strong supportive choice like Yvraine or the absolute murder the Yncarne can be.

    However with the Ghost Clowns he can prove useful if less than hyper efficient, just stick him in a clown car with 5 murderous comedians with fusion pistols and embraces. His sword hits harder than the kiss and has a leadership debuff and at A 5 6 with the relevant warlord trait if you took him as your WL you insane bastard something is gonna feel the hurt but he lacks the reroll to wound bubble your Troupe Master has which hurts a bit, but this still hits rather hard, is scary to characters, elites, and can put the hurt on hordes.

    With 6 attacks, 7 with the relevant Warlord Trait, whatever it is hitting is dying. If that in itself doesn't seem like much, the Yncarne is a flying monstrous character that can cast two of the three Revenant Discipline powers. While the 8" of movement it has may not seem particularly fast, the Yncarne also has the unique ability to teleport to the location where any squad friend or foe is killed, so long as it is at least 1" away from enemy units.

    This makes it one of the few units able to deep strike easily within charging range to wreak some melee havoc although it can't charge when it Deep Strikes and can give it a terrifying threat radius. Use your Dark Reapers to nuke some squishy back-line unit, then have the Yncarne teleport behind enemy lines to hit' em where it hurts! Possibly out and out the best of the three for a Harlequin Ynnari detachment if only going for the one with the main argument for the other two being price alone, but this girl is worth every single point on her own.

    She's as fast as your clowns so no problems keeping up, and with inevitable death the fact that she can't board your transports becomes a non issue. Note: The Yncarne cannot charge after arriving in this way as his rule prohibits it, so you ideally want him popping up on your opponent's turn. Yvraine: The linchpin of any Ynnari detachment, Yvraine costs points and is exclusively armed with Kah-vir, the Sword of Sorrows basically a Force Axe stat-wise.

    In addition to her impressive powers, Yvraine also has several abilities that make her surprisingly survivable. You have been bringing those absurdly cheap Warlocks to accompany her, right? As with any Ynnari Psyker, she can use Strength From Death to cast a Psychic Power, the most useful of which will probably be Word of the Phoenix, assuming you haven't cast it already, as this lets her "pass" the Soulburst trigger to anything you like, even if your opponent has been avoiding letting something react.

    Where as she's an excellent support character with her psychic powers and fits rather naturally in a Craftworld or Dark Eldar Ynnari detachment she finds a bit of friction in a solely Harlequin Ynnari army.

    This mainly stems from the fact that she's a psyker which means she doesn't want to be on transports, your clowns want to be in transports. She also lacks the speed of your dudes unlike the Shadowseer who's powers are more suited for supporting your dudes, the Shadowseer also has a stratagem to reposition her anywhere on the field if needed and you have your fight twice stratagem of you REALLY need to make sure somethings dead or don't want to use that Soul Burst action.

    All in all she's good but the above might mesh better with your clowns. To start off you can download all of your Harles fusion pistols for just 9 points 7 in Chapter Approved ! Added on to the fact that you can shoot pistols in combat during the shooting phase, this makes Troupes a monster in combat. Competent vehicle killers? Harlequin Troupes? Who would have thought it!

    Yes, you read that right. Armies will no longer shred them anymore, coupled with the fact that high AP weapons will never rend their saves actually makes them an extremely tough unit.

    Did I also mention they move 8" and are not slowed by terrain or any models?. These dudes are best equipped with the Harlequins embrace for most armies. Overall these flippity-flops just got a helluva lot faster, tankier and deadlier. Players also dropped down to 13 points and the frustratingly pointless 'Harlequin Blade' no longer costs anything, making your Troupes cheaper and giving you more incentive to try out a different build.

    So, in most cases, a starweaver is more than essential. Without a Shadowseer but within 12", every 9 Grey Knight shooters equals 8 dead harlequins; with a Shadowseer around, that improves to 6 dead against the same 9.

    As you can see, the Shadowseer is helpful but needs to be near a lot of Troupes to earn its extremely high cost back. Elites[ edit ] Death Jester : The Jester retains his role as a ranged support sniper, but now has some nasty tricks.

    The first thing to note is he lacks any melee weapons, so unlike most of your army, he will want to hang back, made a bit easier by his character status. The next thing to note is that he is capable of sniping other characters regardless of whether they are the closest.

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